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The Center for Democracy and Electoral Studies, CDES Cameroon, is an independent,  nonpolitical,nongovernmental and nonprofit organization founded in 2011, dedicated to  promoting and sustaining excellence in the management of democracy and support to  electoral processes in Cameroon. The Center aims at contributing towards achieving  credibility in the management of electoral processes.

 The Center seeks to promote awareness and adherence to democratic principles and  obligations . We engage in different and sensitive issues related to the advancement of  Human Rights and Democracy via a series of projects, and also foster research in these fields by creating opportunities for Human Rights activists, election practitioners, graduate and undergraduate students to volunteer, intern and study at the center and its partner institutions.

We help local activists, scholars, researchers in providing research facilities and create a  culture of respect of democratic principles and values. Our focus is to build sustainable local  channels through which the local population, electorates and practitioners can use  democracy to improve livelihood and safeguard public offices.

CDES is about creating an enabling environment and motivating people to do their very best  all the time and to dedicate themselves to the service of others, ensuring that there is genuine  democracy, free, fair, transparent and credible elections.

In order to package and produce democracy, certain prerequisites must exist; the producers  must understand the value of democracy; as a vital tool to human development, in a manner  that makes them sincerely believe that without democracy their lives have no meaning, are  incomplete and valueless.

CDES relies mainly on the BRIDGE curriculum and methodology to achieve its training objectives. Other study materials come from the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network, country specific materials such as the legal and administrative frameworks, materials developed over experiences and lessons learnt; workshops, conferences, seminars, research, etc.

Other Activities:
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CDES Cameroon’s Work

CDES Cameroon is actively engaged in different programs towards building a more democratic society. Building and enhancing capacities and skills in all fields to promote Democracy, Governance and Election Administration.



CDES lnternational Election Observation Team




CDES Engaging Women in Local Governance




CDES Training the Media on Election Coverage




CDES Workshop on Women and Democratic Governance