CDES Cameroon’s Gender Project

Within the framework of CDES Cameroon’s Gender Project, a detailed physical survey was carried out from June to July 2014 on Women Participation in Decision-Making Processes, Accountable Governance and Effective Local Service Delivery. This survey was conducted within the context of Decentralized Local Governance in Cameroon and evaluates the participation of women in the delivery of services to the local population, primarily to which are women.
Democracy, an important element in development involves the participation of all and accountable democratic institutions are essential in ensuring development, peace building, respect of human rights and responsive democracy. The survey was validated in a seminar organized by CDES Cameroon attended by female Mayors, Councilors, female political and civil society leaders,leaders of religious institution, women advocacy groups and all delegates of the Women Empowerment Ministry in Fako led by the South West Regional Delegate Mrs Juditha Moffah.
The report elaborated on the past, present and emerging challenges women face and the impact of their low participation on accountable local governance and effective service delivery. It also threw light on the policy framework available, and if it is sufficient enough to promote women participation. The report highlights the conditions under which increased women participation in decision-making and political life can be achieved in an ascending fashion. Finally it ends with recommendations and a road map to guide the reformed Associated of female Mayors and Councilors in Fako and other actors. As the Mayor of Tiko said in his welcome address “if democracy is the role of the majority, then the promotion of women in decision-making is a legitimate one we should all support”.