AU Elections Observation Mission

The African Union Elections Observation Mission to Cameroon’s September 30, 2013 Legislative and Municipal Elections paid a courtesy visit to the Executive Director of CDES Cameroon to have CDES’s Pre-electoral assessment of the elections.The over 45 minutes discussion was centered on issues related to the Electoral Code, voter registration, distribution of voter cards, candidate selection and submission by Political Parties, pre-electoral litigations, campaigns process.
The role of the media and its regulatory body was also examined including the participation of Domestic Election Observers. The Executive Director also used the opportunity to thank the team for paying a visit and praised the efforts of ELECAM (EMB) towards ensuring a credible elections.The team expressed satisfaction with the work carried out CDES Cameroon in its quest to build a credible electoral culture in Cameroon through training and capacity development offered to the main electoral stakeholders.