Managment Unit

The Management Unit (MU) is the devoted team that administers and manages the daily activities and funds of CDES. The MU staff includes experts with proven previous comparative experiences in election administration and election observation. The MU functions under the direction of the Executive Director, supported by the Programme Manager, Projects Officer, Administration and Finance Officer, Electoral Observation Officer, ICT Officer and other on-call Consultants. The Management Unit on occasional bases is supported by other Junior Officers while experts and additional support personnel are hired as needed for specific issues.

The MU is, at present, headed by:

Mbarga Zacharia Mveng

Executive Director (Electoral Consultant)

Mbarga has been working in the field of Democracy, Governance and Election for over 6 years with considerable experience in Africa and third world countries. Mbarga is Co-Founder of CDES. He served as Chief of Electoral Operations and Referendums for Fako with Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), Electoral Coordinator with MINUSTAH and Elections Projects Officer with the Global Network for Good Governance (GNGG). He has also served both as Long and Short Term International Elections Observer in various International Election Observation Missions in Africa with different International organizations among them The Carter Center (TCC), Ivory Coast 2011 Parliamentary elections and African Union, Ghana 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Mbarga has been an Accredited BRIDGE facilitator since 2009 and his engagement in building the capacity of key stakeholders in Democracy processes has well been established both national and international. He has successfully organized several training programs with election stakeholders notably EMB staff, journalist and members of Civil Society Organizations.

Mbarga has also attended several diploma, certificate and leadership courses on Election Management, Electoral Violence and Conflict Prevention, ICT and Elections Management, International Election Observation, Conflict Analysis, Conflict Management and Negotiation, Effective Electoral Assistance, International Conflict Resolution and Gender Perspectives and Elections with the United States Institute of Peace (Honor Roll) , the United Nation Peace Operations Training Institute (Honor Roll), the EC-UNDP-IDEA Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. He is a contributor and member of the Electoral Knowledge Practitioners Network (ACE Project), the International Elections Expert Group, Election Professionals and the Global Elections Organization (GEO).

Wilsonachu Flossie Awah

Programme Manager

Wilsonachu Flossie Awah

Wilsonachu Flossie Awah started her career in governance and management with Nations Builders International, a Cameroon based organization with International repute. She served from 2004 to 2011 as Programme Coordinator, Lecturer, conducted research and comparative analysis and designed programmes on citizenship education. Prior to working with Nation Builders International, Flossie worked with Mount Zion Training Center as Directress and Human Development Lecturer given the center record academic awards in 2003. She also served with the Human Rights Defense Group Cameroon as Administrative Officer, Client Response and Evaluation Officer. Flossie has been lecturer on Citizenship education with many academic institutions, radio broadcaster with different radio stations in Anglophone Cameroon with an exceptional public relations and communication skills.

She has attended and organized several training workshops onProfessional Development, Human Resource Management, Citizen Participation and Accountability, Democracy and the Women’s World etc. she holds an Ms in Development and Evaluation and a Diploma in Leadership and Conflict Management. She speaks both English and

Njinge Fidelis

Administrative and Finance Officer

Njinge has over six years experience working with Civil Society Organizations. He has been instrumental in pursuing the fight towards integrating civil society organizations in the management of electoral administration, good governance and the fight against corruption in Cameroon. Prior to his engagement with CDES, he coordinated and managed youth empowerment and Community development programs especially in the areas of civic education, capacity building and development, citizens engagement and gender perspective with Volunteers Cameroon, Election Associates and other organizations within Cameroon. His engagement in the field of elections started as a Presiding officer for the 2002 Parliamentary and Municipal elections in Cameroon and has since then worked in other elections in same capacity, the 2011 Presidential elections in Cameroon being the most recent. He has attended and participated in leadership seminars and workshops on democracy and elections within the Christian community.

Njinge holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics which gave him the opportunity of exploring the computer world focusing on software applications and analysis. He is a Christian who has dedicated his entire life and career to serving humanity and has entrusted his activities to God’s glory.

Bessem Bronhilda

Projects Officer

Bessem has proven experience in Community Development initiatives and project management skills. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Buea and a Higher National Diploma in Projects Management from the Pan African Institute for Development West Africa (Buea-Cameroon). She served as Executive Secretary to the Tiko Municipal Board of Civil Society Organization (2007-2011) where she coordinated the Board and acted as the focal point of the organization.

As a member of the Municipal Projects Steering Committee in the Tiko Municipality, she has piloted and successfully contributed to the realization of several development and capacity building projects targeting women, youths and the minority population. Carolinda demonstrated her commitment to democracy when she succeeded in managing polling operations in a controversial polling station as President of the Local Polling Commission during the 2011 Presidential elections in Cameroon. She has delivered several lectures and talks on Civic Education and the political empowerment of women. She has also participated in several elections related training workshops on gender, youth voter participation and conflict prevention and management in and out of Cameroon.

Chia Philip

Projects Manager

Chia Philip serves as Program Manager with CDES Cameroon since 2014. Mr. Chia is a Project Management Specialist and Community Development Organizer. Prior to joining CDES Cameroon, Mr. Chia worked for the Fako Development Foundation where he piloted all projects, most of them dealing with empowering women, training youths and mobilizing communities as actors of local development and accountability.

Mr. Chia also worked for the Global Network for Good Governance as Project Compliance Officer, ensuring GNGG adherence to donor funding, monitoring and reporting modalities. Mr. Chia holds a bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Buea and a master’s degree in Project Management from the Pan African Institute
for Development in West Africa.

Ngoh Kema Ngoh II

Information and Technology Officer